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Exceptional Business Training Provided for Exceptional People
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The Academy of Business Training is dedicated to helping professional men and women improve their business skills and knowledge.

We believe the vast majority of employees want to do a good job and when they don’t, it’s not because they don’t care… it’s because they just don’t know any better. Many companies make the mistake of assuming new employees know what to do.  The way things usually play out is the employee is hired and provided little or no training.  They learn what to do by watching other employees.  If the employees they are watching have not been trained properly the problem compounds itself. When the employee does something wrong they are scolded or reprimanded.  The employee becomes resentful and develops an attitude; which, if not dealt with, can spread like cancer through your company.

Discount Policies

Non-Profit Organizations receive a 20% discount on all purchases plus any of the discounts listed above. To qualify contact us. You will receive your discount code on approval.

Unemployed individuals receive a 50% discount. To qualify contact us. You will receive your discount code on approval.

Company does not pay for training - If your company does not pay for training you can apply for an Academy of Business Training Grant of up to 50%. Contact customer service to receive the grant application form.

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