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Color Accounting is a revolutionary new way of learning accounting
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Accounting Comes Alive International is an education and publishing company headquartered in Washington DC, USA. Since the 1990s the company has developed the breakthrough Color Accounting system of graphically representing financial information that makes teaching accounting, finance and business much easier.

We have two divisions: live training and electronic products. The live training division sells end user licenses to Sales Partners. These partners provide the licenses with with participant materials to their customers. They oversee the delivery of training matched to their clients' needs. Most training events are between a few hours and a few days. All are delivered by accredited Color Accounting Trainers who are experts in accounting and business education.

The e-products division sells books, online self-study courses, mobile applications and reference tools. See the Color Accounting section of this website for more information on the range of products for sale.

ACA International operates in Australia, Singapore, Southern Africa, the UK & Europe, Canada and the USA. We are lit up by setting people free from the fear and disempowerment - not to mention the inefficiency - that financial illiteracy causes. We are passionate about what we do, we're audaciously taking on the old way of doing things, and we are determined to make a big difference in the world.

Accounting Comes Alive was founded by two former KPMG accountants, Peter Frampton and Mark Robilliard. Back in 1992 Mark and Peter decided that 'there had to be a better way', and they set out to find it. Both are Fellows of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

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