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TPC Trainco Trainer Profile

Advance as a maintenance professional with electrical courses, HVAC or maintenance training
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What TPC Trainco Does

In the next year, TPC Trainco will conduct in excess of 2,000 training seminars on over 20 primary maintenance topics in more than 125 major cities nationwide. While trying to figure out what to put on this web page that conveys all we want to say about our programs, we discovered that our students could probably do a better job of telling you about our company than us. So here’s just a small sampling of what they have to say about our training.

TPC Trainco is….

High Quality

“One of the best courses I have attended…over the last 25 years.”

Gary Danielson – Stationary Engineer - California Department
of Corrections

“The best seminar I have ever been to.”

Tom Strotman - Park Maintenance - City of Midwest City

“… much better than the (competitors) class I took.”

Ronald Sharpnack - Equipment Maintenance Elect. - Subase
Bangor – U.S. Navy

“… best course I have taken. Great hands on.”

David Landry - Maintenance Mechanic - Silpro Corp

“Don’t know how the class could be any better.”

Mark McClannon – Maintenance Supervisor – Miller Desk

“…will recommend to my colleagues”

Mike Tseng – Engineer – King County DNR/WTD

“…best we’ve ever had… positive comments from all my men…Thank you.”

David Young - University of Northern Texas

“I don’t think (your seminar) can be any better than it already is.”

Kirk P. Cryer - Electrical Dept. Supervisor - Southeastern
Water and Sewer Co.

“I highly recommend this course to others.”

Jack Robinson – Maintenance Technician II - Smurfit Stone


“… the most practical course I have ever taken…this seminar was

Jim Monteith - Director Of Maintenance - Govham House

“Excellent practical knowledge. I would highly recommend to others.”

Kshamip Soni - Project Engineer - Watson Laboratories

“… an eye opening, practical, real world experience.”

Michael Redig - Office/Field Engineer - The Covello Group, Inc

“Practical application for my regular daily work”

Bart Taylor – M/O Manager – Soulsbyville School

“…clear…incredible instructor, excellent hands on, real and practical.”

Aineah Ayekha - Maintenance Technician - Valvue Sewer District

“…looking forward to putting my newly learned knowledge to practical

Joe Peters – Pipefitter - Madioah Army Medical Center

“It’s the most practical seminar I’ve been to … very comprehensive.”

Donovan Goble – HVACR - Ashland, Inc.

Real World

“Learned to apply … to real life situations”

Michael Taylor – Elec/Instr Tech – LaFourche Sugars

“Lot’s of real world experience kept the class interesting.”

Scott Tennant – Drafting Tech – Corhart Refractories

“Equipment used was real world.”

Sal Santangelo - Facility Manager – Bodycotte

“…great discussions of real on the job type situations.”

Daniel Williams - Maintenance Supervisor - Mount Hermon Assoc.

“…will help me in my real day-to-day operations…excellent course…great

Robin Curry - EG&G Technical Services

“The “real world” experience…was #1.”

Gil Escalera - Electronic Technician - Metropolitan Water

“…instructor has lots of (real world) experience – I wish I had this
training 25 years ago. I’m still taking notes!”

Jim Chesley - Power Plant Operator - Benton PUD

Easy to Understand

“Clear and concise…”

Luis Medina – Systems Engineer – Covance Laboratories

“…easy to understand…”

Ted Huyett – Mgr. EH&S – PPG Industries

“Explained with good examples and exercises.”

Adam Ransick – Test Engineer – Rolls Royce

“…easy to understand – who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks?”

Hayden Walker – Pipefitter - VA Medical Center

“…clear and informative…”

James Bordelon – Mechanic - International Matex Tank Terminals

“… easy to understand, answered all questions.”

Robert Voudry - Mechanical Technician - Tyco Healthcare

“…very clear and precise, not over our heads.”

David Daniels - Maintenance Supervisor - Hunting Oilfield

“…a true learning experience.”

Marty King - Engineer / Boiler Op. - St. Anthony Medical


“Left with “zero” questions…answered them all. I strongly recommend!”

Lorenzo Razo – Journeyman Electrician - Hill AFB

“Large volumes of information in an understandable manner”

Kelly Thomas – Electrician – Western Air Defense Sector,
McCord AFB

“… a wealth of new knowledge.”

Richard D. Phillips – Facility Electrician - Delphi Delco

“ All question answered… great depth of information. Time and money well

Robert L. Ecklund - Process tech. - Essilor Of America

“All aspects were well covered. I am a happy camper.”

Ron Diede - Maintenance Tech. - Northern OR Regional
Correctional Facility

“… explained everything very thoroughly.”

Andrew Budzik - Maintenance– Smurfit Stone Container

“…learned everything I wanted to know.”

Ian Derstler – Maintenance – Nichia American

“Comprehensive, complete. I’ll be back!”

Paul J. Lorona - Electronics Tech. II - Metropolitan Water
Dist. of So. CA


“…learned more in 2 days than I thought possible – great stuff.”

Glen Robey - Sr. Facilities Analyst - Verizon Wireless

“…learned more in 2 days than in a week (of other training courses),
very good class.”

Sherwin R Kendall – Maintenance – Weyerhaeuser

“…learned more from this class than from 4 years of experience!”

Peter F. Scott - Maintenance Tech. - B/E Aerospace


Live Seminars

On-Site Training

2008 National Electrical Code®

2011 National Electrical Code ® ( NEC )

2014 National Electrical Code ® ( NEC )

2017 National Electrical Code®

Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Arc Flash Electrical Safety NFPA 70E with Skills & Certification

Arc Flash Electrical Safety NFPA 70E®

Basic Electricty for Non-Electricians

Basic Instrumentation Process Measurement & Control

Boiler Operation Maintenance and Safety

Chilled Water Systems

Electric Motors & Control Circuits

Electrical Diagrams Schematics & Drawings

Electrical PM & Best Practices

Electrical Safety 70E® & Arc Flash Protection

Electrical Troubleshooting & Preventive Maintenance

Electrical Workshop - Basics to Troubleshooting

Generators & Emergency Power

Grounding & Bonding of Electrical Systems

Hands-On Understanding & Troubleshooting Hydraulics

High Voltage Electrical Safety for Power GTD - 29 CFR 1910.269

How To Deal With An Aging Workforce

HVAC Controls & Air Distribution

HVAC Workshop: Air Conditioning & Boilers

Inventory Control for Maintenance

Lean Management

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Maintenance Welding

Math & Measurement for Maintenance, Repair & Operations

PLC Programming & Applications: 2 Day Hands-On

PLC Workshop: From Introduction to Application - 4-Day Hands-On

PLC's for Non-Programmers

Plumbing & Pipefitting for Plants & Buildings

Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

Pump Repair and Maintenance

Pumps & Pump Systems

Saving Energy at Your Facility

Standby Generators & Emergency Power

Steam Systems Maintenance, Safety & Optimization

The National Electric Code 2005

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & 5S

Troubleshooting Mechanical Drive Systems & Rotating Equipment

Understanding & Troubleshooting Hydraulics

Variable Frequency Drive Advanced Applications

Variable Frequency Drives

Wiring and Troubleshooting Residential Electrical Systems