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Mansour Selling Seminars Trainer Profile

by Kristine Mansour, MBA, MM
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After many years of selling experience within the Dallas-area professional sports industry and film industry, Kristine Mansour, MBA, MM has developed a selling philosophy known as “Self. Serve. Sell.” that has proven to be extremely successful for her within each of her unique selling positions. This philosophy is simple:

You must become your best professional self in order for you to best sell you. Are you as positive, prepared, and confident as you could be? Do you love what you do, who you work for, and the customers you serve? Is their enough balance in your life for you to give your maximum all on the job?

Your best professional self must include a commitment to serve others first. If your primary motivation is to earn a commission check first, you must reset your mind and heart to serve others first, deliver value to others first, solve others' problems first.

You must become your best professional self and must commit to serving others first before you can sell to the best of your ability. Only then will you be truly positioned to enter "the selling ring" and achieve the selling success you desire.

This philosophy and many other selling concepts and strategies have not only been incorporated into each Mansour Selling Seminar, but are the reason Kristine Mansour has achieved much professional success throughout her short career of nine years.

Mansour's Professional History

Mansour started her career in the ticketing department at the Dallas Mavericks three months after Mark Cuban bought the team in 2000. There, she supported and learned from the ticket sales team who sold out Reunion Arena during the 2000-2001 NBA Season.

Following her first season with the Mavericks, the organization recommended her for hire at the American Airlines Center prior to its Grand Opening in July 2001. As the Platinum Ticketing Manager, she managed all suite tickets and Platinum Club tickets for Dallas Mavericks games, Dallas Stars games, and third-party events.

During that time, Mansour balanced working full-time and going to school at night to earn an MBA in Sport Management at the University of Dallas’ Graduate School of Management. She partnered with the Dallas Cowboys’ Football Club for her thesis project that focused on promoting Ticketmasters’ Archtics® ticketing system. For this project, she observed the Dallas Cowboys’ Ticketing Department and its Sales & Promotions Department to identify potential synergies between the two departments after the implementation of the Archtics® ticketing system.

Upon graduation in 2002 and because of her performance on this project, the Dallas Cowboys hired her to work full-time as an Account Executive within the Sales & Promotions Department. She sold group and individual tickets for the Dallas Cowboys’ 2002 NFL Season and sold season, group, and individual tickets for the Dallas Desperados’ inaugural AFL Season at the American Airlines Center in 2002.

Later that year, Mansour was hired by the Salesmanship Club of Dallas as their Ticket Manager for the EDS (now HP) Byron Nelson Championship. There, she managed a volunteer sales force of 600 volunteers and assisted them as they sold ticket packages and pro-am packages for the Championship. In 2005, she was promoted to Corporate Sponsorships Manager where she managed the sales and fulfillment of Championship corporate sponsorships and hospitality sponsorships.

During her five years working for the Salesmanship Club of Dallas and working with 600 Club volunteers, 1,200 Championship volunteers, and fellow full-time staff of 20, Mansour is proud to have had some small part in serving over one million people attending the Championship and raising over $20 million for the Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers.

While working for the Salesmanship Club of Dallas, Mansour returned to the University of Dallas to earn a Master of Management in Not-For-Profit Management in 2004. After completing a total of 79 graduate hours, Mansour recognized the University’s need for a graduate course in personal selling. She has been teaching Fundamentals of Personal Selling, a course she authentically created, to MBA students since 2006.

After eight years working in professional sports, Mansour was ready for a career change and new challenges in the world of selling. She founded Mansour Advantage Consulting and taught public relations courses as an Adjunct Professor at Baylor University in 2007.

Through intensive networking and self-promotion to build up her consulting client base, she had the good fortune of meeting the Executive Producer at Big Fish Films, a Dallas-based production company. Mansour embarked on a new kind of selling position, representing Big Fish Films’ directors and their work to TV producers at advertising agencies within the Southwestern U.S. One short year later, Mansour had made herself well-known to over 1,800 advertising agency and film industry contacts and brought several film job opportunities to her directors.

In late 2008, Mansour partnered with Phil McAlpine at his newly formed rep company, SPARK. Together, they currently rep film industry companies and artists based in Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Austin, Nashville, and South America.

Given her professional selling career and after teaching over 250 students at two universities, Mansour has realized her calling: to take her selling message “to the streets.” Proudly, she has condensed and repurposed her thirteen-week Fundamentals of Personal Selling graduate course into two selling seminars for seasoned professionals and young professionals, respectively.

Mansour’s favorite quote comes from American author Margaret Fuller, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.”


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