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Troubleshooting Boot Camps Trainer Profile

We Bring the Factory Into the Classroom
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide technical training relevant to troubleshooting manufacturing systems, covering many practical aspects of industrial automation. Our primary passion is for live classroom training with hands-on projects to solidify knowledge with experience.

Our Philosophy

Our live classroom classes are populated with “differentiated content”. When we develop a class, we begin by cataloging every potentially valuable knowledge component. From this list of subjects, we differentiate the content between that which is most effectively learned in a live classroom and that which the learner can acquire on their own via online resources. We then make the list of online resources available to all registrants for that class. We also manage that content to keep it up to date and relevant to the learners assigned job skill set.

Our live classroom presenters do not parrot scripted content, nor are they allowed to read content from bulleted power points. Each slide used in class is a visual aid to interactive discussions with the learners. We are more interested in what the participants don’t know than delivering a list of subjects. We strive for the goal of relevant knowledge by adapting the discussion to each unique group of learners.

We specifically prepare our presenters to inspire all participants to learn, willing or unwilling.

We maximize the amount of hands-on experience, especially for those concepts that hands-on experience will solidify.

Why Choose TTC

TTC provides live classroom training with online assessments; these are continuing education classes for maintenance electricians and technicians that support technologies in industrial plants, commercial facilities and a variety of other enterprises.

All of our course collateral is developed, maintained and taught by experienced electricians/technicians/engineers.

  • We are a HANDS-ON training company; bulleted PowerPoints are limited.
  • All of our classes have fully integrated HANDS-ON equipment.
  • We use real PLCs in all of our PLC classes.
  • We use off the shelf equipment for HANDS-ON exercises.
  • We have customized TROUBLESHOOTING TRAINING EQUIPMENT designed to simulate the most common problems found in industry.
  • All of our classes come with respective textbooks. (NEC, NFPA 70E and other related industry documents)
  • Students will receive college level textbooks and/or workbooks based on the class selected.
  • All lessons and materials are consistent, knitted together into a complete seamless learning system.
  • All textbooks and workbooks are professionally published.
  • We offer testing and assessments consistent with the course materials.
  • Students will have access to relevant online resources to enhance the classroom experience.
  • We specify the topics covered and differentiate between the core topics and those that are time permitting topics. Our curriculums are sequentially presented, step by step.
  • Our classes are designed to offer a complete training experience. Prerequisite classes are strongly encouraged, and in some cases, they are mandatory.
  • We put a lot of effort into designing and delivering classes that improve the skill set of electricians, technicians and engineers.

We do offer discounts for groups in open seminars and onsite classes.

We will work with you to develop complete training for your employees based on their skill levels. The main focus is to provide a learning experience that eliminates skill gaps.

We offer skills testing and employee assessments to help you recognize skill gaps and training needs.