Digital Assets in Estate Administration

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Processes, Procedures, and Legal Pitfalls

As our online lives continue expanding exponentially, your clients accumulate more and more digital assets. Some of these assets add significant financial value to the estate, some have purely sentimental value to the heirs, but all can easily slip through the cracks without the proper knowledge. Make sure the digital life your client spent so many years compiling is left to loved ones instead of being lost in cyberspace forever - register today!

  • Learn how to correctly incorporate digital assets into your client's estate plan, such as electronic tax returns, E-bank accounts, and PayPal accounts.
  • Explore the ins and outs of the Terms of Service agreements you'll need to understand to gain access to the clients' data.
  • Understand which digital assets are often lost at death - online bank accounts, emails, domain names, etc.
  • Get practical tips for retrieving online information if no provisions have been made to transfer access.


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  1. Online Assets and Information at Issue
    11:00 - 11:45, Jeffrey A. Asher
    1. Digital Estate Planning Documents
    2. E-Statements
    3. Online Bill Payment
    4. Electronic Tax Returns
    5. E-Bank Accounts
    6. PayPal Accounts
    7. Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property
    8. Frequent Flyer Miles/Reward Points/Loyalty Programs
  2. Post-Mortem Searches and Account Access
    11:45 - 12:15, Justin H. Brown
    1. Home Computer Hard Drive
    2. Is it Possible to Get Access to the Decedent's Work Computer?
    3. Portable Physical Storage (Including Mobile Devices)
    4. E-Mail and Messengers
    5. Cloud-Based Storage
    6. Password Manager Apps and Services
    7. Vendor Accounts
    8. Negotiating with Service Providers for Access to (and Control of) Decedent's Accounts
    9. Terms of Service Agreements of Select Online Providers You Need to Know
    10. Standard Rules of Access
    11. Documentation Needed to Prove Death and the Right to Access
    12. Device vs. Data (Tangible vs. Intangible Property)
  3. Digital Assets with Monetary Value in Estate Administration
    12:30 - 1:00, Justin H. Brown
  4. Business Digital Assets in Estate Administration
    1:00 - 1:40, Jeffrey A. Asher
  5. Lessons From States Adopting Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
    1:40 - 2:15, Jeffrey A. Asher

Who Should Attend

This legal program is designed for attorneys looking to increase their knowledge of probate and estate planning. It will also benefit accountants and paralegals.

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Training Provider: NBI, Inc.

Course Topics: Law Training > Probate

Training Course Summary: Digital Assets in Estate Administration

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