Poka-Yoke/Error Prevention: Mistake Proofing Fundamentals

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Stop wasting time fixing problems over and over again. Implement mistake-proofing strategies and concepts into your organization today. Although people recognize that mistakes and defects can cause vast levels of waste in any enterprise, what is less clear is the source of those mistakes and how to prevent them. Defects are caused by errors that leave the point of origin or the root cause. The solution is to prevent errors as early in the process or design as possible. When implemented at the attribute level, we call the devices and methods that prevent errors, mistake-proofing, poka-yoke, or error prevention devices. When implemented at the product or process design level it is called error design-out. Attend this ondemand webinar and learn the true sources of defects, see how to minimize or eliminate errors and defects, understand the basic attributes of effective mistake-proofing and how poka-yoke devices work, and see error-proofing solutions. You will also realize why traditional quality control methods are ineffective in cost-effectively controlling mistakes; appreciate why the poka-yoke approach is such a powerful technique for driving defects out of systems, whether a factory, hospital, gas station or your own kitchen; and understand how error proofing can help you. You will understand how poka-yoke devices fit into lean and six-sigma improvement strategies as well as learn the basic skills for developing your own error prevention devices and methods.

Why Use Error-Proofing Methods?
• Benefits
• The Rule of Ten

• What Is an Error
• What Is a Defect

Examples of Errors
• Manufacturing
• Medical
• Labeling

Where to Use Error-Proofing
• Product Design
• Process Design
• Workplace Applications

Error-Proofing Philosophy

Types of Error-Proofing
• Design-Out
• Set Up
• Process

Steps to Implement Error-Proofing

Robert Simonis, KCE Consulting LLC

CPE ,Additional credit may be available upon request.

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This live webinar is designed for manufacturing engineers, presidents, vice presidents, plant managers, quality control personnel, operation managers, facility managers, owners, controllers, inventory specialists, design professionals, operators and techn

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Training Course Summary: Poka-Yoke/Error Prevention: Mistake Proofing Fundamentals

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