Subdivision Map Act in California

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California's Subdivision Map Act (SMA) is one of the most litigated areas of development in California. Many issues under the SMA are avoidable if the developer, its attorney(s), consultants and others involved on their behalf make sure to understand the SMA's role in the development process and its pitfalls throughout. From the initial interactions with public agencies and its officials through the final approval(s) for a development, there are many issues with identifying the right map for the development, processing of the map, and finally approval which need to be understood in order to avoid a mistake which could endanger the development project. This topic will assist people to identify many of these issues, provide guidance on the requirements of each of these issues, and understand the penalties and other detrimental impacts to those involved or the development which could have been avoided.

Runtime: 94 minutes

Overview of Subdivision
Map Act

  • Goals

  • Differences With Other Statutory Frameworks

  • History of Subdivision Map Act

Basic Issues for
Approval of a Map

  • What Is a "Subdivision" or a "Plat"?

  • Types of Maps

  • Exemptions, Waivers and Exclusions

Processing of Maps

  • With Other Land Use and Permit Applications

  • California Environmental Quality Act

  • Conditions of Approval

  • Exactions and Mitigation Fees

  • Water Supply Planning

  • Hearing and Findings of Approval/Disapproval

Finalizing Maps

  • Securing Vested Rights

  • Amendment and Correction of Maps

  • Enforcement of Maps

Recent Developments

  • Case Law

  • Legislative Changes

Douglas E. Wance, Esq.


  • Shareholder in the Orange County office of Buchalter Nemer PLC

  • Cross-disciplinary practice involving land use, water
    resources, environmental compliance, natural resources and
    public law through the representation of both public agencies
    and private businesses throughout California

  • Advises and guides clients through due diligence, permitting
    and entitlement, and defense of clients' rights in state and
    federal court

  • Author of various articles on his cross-disciplinary as well
    as regular seminar speaker and moderator

  • J.D. degree, Boston College Law School; B.A. degree,
    University of Southern California

Who Should Attend

This live webinar is designed for attorneys, engineers, presidents, vice presidents, planners, developers, project managers, architects, surveyors, planning and zoning board members, real estate professionals and land use officials.

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Training Provider: Lorman Education Services

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Training Course Summary: Subdivision Map Act in California

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