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Frequently Asked Questions

My class is today (or tomorrow) and I don't know where the class is. Help me!

In the event that you've misplaced or did not receive your training confirmation you can view our LAST MINUTE TRAINING page. If you don't see your training on these pages, then your class may be offered by a trainer whose training is not listed in our index.

Can I register with a purchase order?

Most of our training providers will accept a PO during registration. However, if the seminar you are registering for is near (within a few days) you might opt to pay by credit card to ensure that your name is on the roster for certificates of completion, and that your seat is confirmed for the seminar. The payment options are displayed on the first section of the registration process, so if you don't see 'Bill Me/My Company' as a payment option in the drop-down list of payment methods, then you may only register for the seminar with a credit card.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the seminar?

All of the seminars listed will provide a certificate of completion at the close of the class. If your registration was received late, or if your payment was not received within a day or so before the class, then you may not receive your certificate on the last day of the class. It will be mailed to you afterwards. No certificates are issue before payment is received.

I just registered for a class, but did not receive a receipt. What happened?

If you registered for a class using a credit card, you will receive a receipt either via email (most likely), fax or mail. Upon completing a registration, you should receive an email indicating that your registration was received and will be processed. Credit card receipts are sent usually within 24 hours. If you have not received an emailed receipt within 24 hours, contact us at and we will follow up.

To whom do I make payment, and where do I send it?

If you've registered on a PO / selected 'Bill Me' during registration, you must either mail in your payment or call to pay by a credit card at your convenience. Although some training providers allow you to bring a check with you to the seminar, this is not recommended because you won't receive your certificate of completion at the conclusion of the class. Also, some of our training providers require payment to be made prior to the day of the seminar so that the payment function is not to be handled by the trainer, but by the billing department. You will receive an invoice either via email or by regular mail to the physical address and contact you specified during your registration. Payment instructions will be included with the invoice, as well as remittance address for payment.

Do you have other training besides seminars?

Yes, our database of training consists of a growing variety of delivery methods, including live teleseminars, live webinars, on-demand webinars, virtual classroom, CD's, DVD's, on-site training (also referred to as in-house training), as well as other delivery methods.