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Marketing Research On-Site Training

View courses available for on-site delivery from our Marketing Research Trainers

Applying Research and Insights: Customer, Brand, Product (Burke Institute)

The focus of this seminar is on the application of various marketing and marketing research and insights methods to specific decision areas involving your customer, brand and product/service.

Competitive Analysis (TrainersDirect)

Competitive analysis will help you focus your efforts on understanding every aspect of your competitor’s activities - R&D, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Service and Support.

Competitive Strategy (TrainersDirect)

Understand the link between business planning and marketing strategies

Learn how to extrapolate key strategic information from research analysis

Assess competitive situations and identify opportunities

Lots more…

Designing Effective Questionnaires: A Step by Step Workshop (Burke Institute)

This hands-on workshop is designed for individuals who must write or evaluate questionnaires.

Market Channels (TrainersDirect)

This course will address the guidelines of defining, planning, managing effective channels of distribution

Market Research and Analysis (TrainersDirect)

Learn the basics of market research and their application

Market Segmentation: Designing, Implementing & Activating (Burke Institute)

Learn how to segment your markets and select the best target markets for your products and services.

Moderator Training: Focus Groups and IDIs (Burke Institute)

This limited enrollment, intensive workshop is designed to train you to become a focus group moderator.

Next Generation Qualitative Tools: Social Media, Online Communities, Virtual Research Platforms (Burke Institute)

This interactive program designed for marketing research practitioners, qualitative research consultants, and end users

Practical Marketing Research (Burke Institute)

This comprehensive seminar is designed for people who want to learn how to plan and implement marketing research and insights studies from start to finish.

Practical Multivariate Analysis (Burke Institute)

In this seminar, totally devoid of matrix notations or derivations, you will learn how to select and interpret the best multivariate technique for analyzing the complex relationships between many variables typically encountered in marketing research studies.

Specialized Moderator Skills for Qualitative Research Applications (Burke Institute)

This limited enrollment workshop is designed for the active focus group moderator

Statistics and Modeling for Direct Marketers (Data & Marketing Association)

Learn How To Better Understand And Evaluate Direct Marketing Statistical Techniques - and Better Manage Your Modeling Projects

Tools & Techniques of Data Analysis (Burke Institute)

This intensive seminar uses a step by step procedure composed of several decision flow charts to help you select and implement the correct statistical techniques for your problems

Writing & Presenting Actionable Research Reports: Insights, Storytelling, Data Visualization (Burke Institute)

In this interactive seminar, you will learn how to write and present marketing research and insights reports that are responsive to managements needs and stimulate business impact.

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