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Managing/Supervising Essentials On-Site Training

View courses available for on-site delivery from our Managing/Supervising Essentials Trainers

Bud to Boss: A Successful Future Begins with a Successful Start (Kevin Eikenberry Group)

Learn the Keys to Successful Leadership Results - Right from the Start

Building your Network (TrainersDirect)

Getting the message out about who you are and what you have to offer is at the heart of the career management process

Critical Conversations (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

This workshop includes strategies and templates to productively deal with performance problems, office politics, negativity, defensive and challenging individuals.

Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behavior (SkillPath Seminars)

Get expert advice on the sticky issue of disciplining workers whose performance just doesn’t measure up. Learn how to handle each step of the process—from recognizing the problem and assessing its severity … to intervention strategies … to termination procedures.

Dealing with Unacceptable Behavior (PTR Training)

This interactive course will teach you the how-to’s of coaching for excellence

Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor (SkillPath Seminars)

This intensive day focuses on the unique challenges you face every day in your job and offers solutions to help you fully achieve your potential - not just as a manager or supervisor, but as a true leader who commands respect, commitment and credibility.

Exceptional Management Skills (Fathom Corporate Training)

Empowering employees to become more productive and effective and to have a greater degree of commitment is the focus of the Exceptional Management Skills workshop.

Exceptional Management Skills (Baker Communications)

This workshop enables supervisors and managers to practice and develop skills in communication, conflict management, motivation, delegation and evaluation.

How to Be a Successful Manager as an Introvert (Canadian Management Centre (CMC))

Harness your strengths as an introvert

How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People (SkillPath Seminars)

In just two days, you’ll get the most up-to-the-minute information and exciting discoveries available on how to manage change, motivate, discipline, delegate, inspire, problem solve … all the critical skills you need to succeed as a supervisor.

Improving Employee Accountability (SkillPath Seminars)

This LIVE, virtual workshop provides the strategies you need to coach your employees to high performance. You’ll learn how to clearly define performance standards, establish specific and attainable goals, connect with employees regularly and create accountability plans to track performance and review progress.

Leading a Diverse Team (PTR Training)

You will learn to understand and appreciate all types of people and how one’s historical culture shapes current attitudes and behaviors

Management Skills (Fathom Corporate Training)

This hands-on management training course teaches supervisors and managers the foundational skills of communication, motivation, delegation and evaluation

Management Skills for Supervisors (TrainersDirect)

The proven techniques taught in this seminar will equip you with the tools necessary to make you more productive

Managing a Hybrid Workforce (SkillPath Seminars)

If you’re not sure whether a hybrid workforce is right for your company, this LIVE, virtual course will provide the answers you need to help you make the crucial decisions that will affect your business for years to come.

Managing and Motivating Today’s Remote Employees (SkillPath Seminars)

From Millennials to Boomers, more workers are switching to non-traditional off-site roles

Managing People (TrainersDirect)

learn communication styles, situational leadership, action planning, lots more

Managing Project Teams (New Horizons Computer Learning Center)

You will determine how to manage ateam so that it remains effective

Professionalism in the Workplace (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

Our Toronto based professionalism in the workplace training & development course will enable participants to act with an increased level of mature competence.

Returning to the Workplace: A Manager's Guide (SkillPath Seminars)

As a manager, you'll learn how to navigate the obstacles and make re-entry into the workplace positive, constructive and satisfying for everyone

Supervise Motivate and Lead Others (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

Learn to turn less than desirable performance to acceptable and acceptable performance to superior performance

Supervisory Skills Development (TrainersDirect)

This workshop will enable the participants to enhance and practice the critical skills needed to gain maximum employee involvement and productively

Taming Incivility: How to Foster a Culture of Respect (SkillPath Seminars)

Learn how relationships built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect can bring about a powerful, cohesive work team that values each other’s opinions and ideas.

The Dynamics of Outstanding Management (TrainersDirect)

learn communication styles, situational leadership, action planning, lots more

The Experienced Manager (TrainersDirect)

Evaluating Your Management Career

The Keys Successful Management (TrainersDirect)

learn communication styles, situational leadership, action planning, lots more

The Managers and Supervisors Conference (SkillPath Seminars)

In just one day, you’ll gain hundreds of fresh techniques and time-tested approaches for sharpening your skills, reframing your attitude and performing at the top of your game!

The Outstanding Supervisor (PTR Training)

Through this high-impact course, you will learn to evaluate performance, access responsibilities and increase productivity, even under difficult circumstances.

Total Business Transformation ™ Workshop (Cofini Group, Inc.)

Total Business Transformation Workshop is a two-day discovery event designed to help you identify your unique ability, realize the power of communication, develop high-trust relationships, and create a plan for living your perfect day.

Training For Supervisors: How To Limit Liability For Employment Issues (Lorman Education Services)

Training For Supervisors