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Negotiating Skills On-Site Training

View courses available for on-site delivery from our Negotiating Skills Trainers

Breakthrough Negotiations (TrainersDirect)

This three-day advanced negotiations seminar is a combination of our Basic Negotiation Skills and Interpersonal Skills for Effective Negotiations seminars with an emphasis on international situations

Effective Negotiating® (KARRASS)

Successful people don't take "no" for an answer. Get what you want through successful negotiation. Let KARRASS help you strengthen the key skills you need in business and in life.

Group Facilitation Skills (TrainersDirect)

This seminar’s strategy is to build on-site, self sufficient meeting facilitators capable of supporting effective meetings company-wide

Interpersonal Skills of Effective Negotiators (TrainersDirect)

This seminar, which can be taught as a "stand-alone," has been designed as the "next-step" for those taking our Basic Negotiations Skills seminar.

Negotiating Skills (New Horizons Computer Learning Center)

this course, students will perform the basic steps in a business negotiation

Negotiating Skills (Fathom Corporate Training)

This negotiation skills workshop develops the skills participants need to drive mutual victory.

Negotiation Skills for Life and Business (PTR Training)

This program will teach you the necessary skills to create win-win solutions for the smallest problems to the most complex business deals.

The Art of Negotiations Skills (TrainersDirect)

In this three-day seminar you will learn the skills necessary to deal with the tactics of negotiations.

Win/Win Negotiations (Fathom Corporate Training)

Facilitating a negotiation where everyone walks away satisfied is the aim of the world‘s most successful negotiators.

Win-Win Negotiations (Baker Communications)

In this hands-on hard hitting workshop participants learn through practice exercises how to strengthen their negotiation skills