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Problem Solving/Innovation On-Site Training

View courses available for on-site delivery from our Problem Solving/Innovation Trainers

Creating an Innovation-Capable Organization (Linkage, Inc.)

Innovation isn't just about generating occasional new ideas; it's about staying consistently one step ahead of the competition

Creative Thinking (TrainersDirect)

Thinking out of the box and into the bottom line

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (SkillPath Seminars)

You’ll learn how to carefully analyze current and potential outcomes, assess risks and benefits, come up with fresh creative answers to old questions and make better business decisions across the board.

Critical Thinking: Out of the Box and Into the Bottom Line (TrainersDirect)

Thinking "out of the box" is all about generating the opportunity to have lots of good ideas to choose from

Driving Innovation (Linkage, Inc.)

Offered in exclusive partnership with Innosight and Clayton Christensen

Essentials of Critical Thinking (TrainersDirect)

This interactive three-day seminar gives participants a working knowledge of basic critical thinking skills including the Socratic method to build individual and collective thinking strengths.

Linkage Innovation Academy (Linkage, Inc.)

Strengthen your organization’s current and future leaders through a premier leadership development experience.

Mind Mapping (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

Mind Mapping® is a powerful tool that helps people to think clearly, plan and take memorable notes in a fast and easy way.

Principles of Critical Thinking (PTR Training)

This high-impact program teaches the insights, processes, and application of self-examination and improvement, and will lead you to greater confidence, productivity, and mental alertness.

Principles of Strategic Planning (PTR Training)

This high-impact course teaches a no-nonsense approach to strategic planning that sharply focuses your efforts on future profit, growth and survival.

Problem Solving and Creative Thinking (PTR Training)

You’ll learn to solve problems you have not been able to solve, develop a more creative organization, and to fully utilize the assets you already have.

Problem Solving and Decision Making (TrainersDirect)

A two-day seminar designed to increase an individual’s ability to analyze the situation, create new options, learn surefire approaches to decision-making and develop self-confidence.

Problem-Solving Skills for Change Leaders (Alliance Training and Consulting, Inc.)

Staus quo is out! Today’s competitive marketplace requires continuous improvement and continuous change

Process Improvement Skills (TrainersDirect)

The goal of this interactive seminar series is improve company performance

Six Thinking Hats® (TrainersDirect)

The Six Thinking Hats® Seminar is a powerful one day "hands-on" seminar structured to help business executives break out of their 'thinking ruts' using techniques found in Dr. Edward de Bono's landmark book, Six Thinking Hats®.

Sparking Innovation and Creativity (SkillPath Seminars)

With this idea-sparking seminar, you’ll learn to overcome negative beliefs and thinking habits that stifle creativity and replace "old" thinking with new and powerful ways to unleash your creative potential.

Strategic Thinking (Linkage, Inc.)

Acquire the perspective, framework, and tools necessary to engage others in strategic decision making and lead the broader strategic conversations required to outperform competitors and shape the long-term health of your team or enterprise

Systems Thinking (Linkage, Inc.)

Receive a variety of techniques, approaches, and tools and engage in a simulation that ensures that you have fully mastered the principles of true systems thinking

Target Thinking: Inside & Outside the Box (Target Learning, LLC)

A 4 or 6-Hour Public Seminar to Help You Analyze & Implement New Information from a Critical (and Creative) Perspective

Waste Search - Process Redesign (TrainersDirect)

This hands-on seminar presents and practices a variety of techniques to improve processes while working on real company issues