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Interpersonal Skills On-Site Training

View courses available for on-site delivery from our Interpersonal Skills Trainers

Anger Management (PTR Training)

This interactive course will help you to recognize anger, its sources, and its triggers.

Brand Your Life, Live Your Brand® (Bob Lewis Consulting)

Shaping your professional & personal reputation

Building More Effective Work Relationships (SkillPath Seminars)

You will discover the secrets to making others feel valued... how to deal better with different personalities by better understanding them... and how to break out of your comfort zone to feel more at ease in unfamiliar settings and activities.

Coping and Working with Difficult People (Alliance Training and Consulting, Inc.)

This seminar gives practical techniques for dealing with difficult people at work – and at home

Dealing With Difficult People (Carlos Raposo, LLC)

Whether they’re employees, customers, colleagues or friends there’s no way to avoid interacting with difficult people. But you can avoid falling victim to their dysfunction. Learn how to win every time while maintaining your sanity. Discover their real motivations and how to use that knowledge to your advantage in this practical, experiential training program.

Dealing With Difficult People (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

learn the skills essential to getting your ideas, plans and feelings across with confidence and conviction.

Developing Emotional Intelligence (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

Improve personal resilience and performance by learning to be more conscious of our emotions, and more skillful in applying the appropriate emotion at the appropriate time

Emotional Intelligence (PTR Training)

This course will help you learn how to build better interpersonal skills, manage reactions, raise your level of emotional intelligence, and gain greater success in working with individuals and teams.

Emotional Intelligence (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

The primary goal of learning about our emotional intelligence is to improve personal resilience and performance by learning to be more conscious of our emotions, and more skillful in applying the appropriate emotion at the appropriate time.

Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence (Linkage, Inc.)

Linkages Emotional Intelligence (EI) course offers a highly interactive, tool-based experience where participants learn to evaluate and respond to their own EI and that of others

Enhancing Your Professional Image (PTR Training)

With this program, you will learn how to define and enhance your image, to impress and influence people easily with a confident self-projection.

Fostering a Respectful Workplace (PTR Training)

This course emphasizes the reality and importance of cultural differences in today's workplace. You will learn to understand and appreciate all types of people; how one’s historical culture shapes current attitudes and behaviors towards individuals from o

Handling People with Tact and Diplomacy (Alliance Training and Consulting, Inc.)

This course is designed to develop the skills to effectively communicate and respond in any situation

How to Manage Your & Their Emotions™ (Carlos Raposo, LLC)

Interpersonal conflict, the struggle to attain professional goals, feelings of unfulfillment and distress, not to mention the constant undercurrent of stress that cuts through daily life: these are a few of the difficulties that plague the modern employee. Whether you manage an office, an empire, or your own career, the emotional toll can be the same. Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence in this-ground breaking approach to emotional control.

How to Work Better With Difficult People (SkillPath Seminars)

This LIVE, virtual course will show you how to deal effectively with toxic co-workers.

Interpersonal Business Communication (PTR Training)

This course builds a foundation of relationship skills to help you communicate, respond to conflict, handle difficult situations, and relate to customers and coworkers.

Staying Calm & Confident in High-Stress Conversations (SkillPath Seminars)

This LIVE, virtual course equips you with the strategies and tools you need to handle the most stressful situations without blowing your cool.

Successful Interviewing (TrainersDirect)

Your role in the discussion should be to position your skills, talents, and experience as a solution to the challenges they face in the organization

The Power of Emotional Quotient in the Workplace (TrainersDirect)

This seminar is designed to provide the participants with extensive individualized feedback and attention

The Secret Language of Personality Types (Power Diversity)

How to identify - and speak the language of - the various personality types

The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone (Canadian Management Centre (CMC))

Transform difficult relationships into positive ones

Thriving In a Challenging Workplace (Job Design Concepts, Inc)

Thriving means leaving the stresses of the workplace in the workplace to maintain your wellness

Win-Win Solutions for Daily Conflict (PTR Training)

This highly energetic program teaches you the power of compromise, the art of communication, and the strength of synergy