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Accounting Comes Alive On-Site Training

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By the end of the program, attendees will be accounting literate and will be positioned to rapidly apply the concepts to business issues and advanced financial analysis, and for powerful communication.

Workshop Description/Agenda

Utilizing the 3-dimensional Color Accounting framework, facilitators are able to take the fear and mystery out of accounting while placing physical accounts directly into the hands of your staff. Each participant gets to hold the debits and credits, decipher where to post transactions and visually grasp the value cycle of the business. After fourteen 'classic' business transactions, participants know where the numbers come from which allows the facilitator to rapidly dive into financial analysis and more complex topics, allowing your team to ask real world questions in the safe environment of the classroom. For an extended learning bonus, the facilitator can incorporate your company's financial reports into the curriculum to give your team an additional edge for their return to the work environment.

Workshop Agenda

Module One: Setting the Scene

  • The role of accounting literacy underpinning financial and business success
  • Establishing the learning outcomes, including the three essential competencies of Structure, Language and Movement
  • Starting from scratch: What is accounting?
  • History of accounting and role of Color Accounting
  • Preparing the learners mental and emotional state, including the need for 'unlearning'
  • Central role of assets in a business
  • The funding of assets, and assets as a Use of Funds
  • Introduction of the accounting equation.

Module Two: Accounting for a Business Scenario

  • The nature of a transaction
  • Two effects for every transaction
  • The Color Accounting Framework
  • Distinguishing the general ledger from the general journal
  • 'ALEXI', the five fundamental elements of every business story
  • Movement: up/up, down/down and up/down
  • Reporting: the balance sheet and income statement and the structural connection between the two
  • More terminology: Precise meaning of terms such as equity, margins, depreciation, double entry, debit/credit, duality, and accrual accounting.
  • Other concepts are introduced as necessary, such as
    • Break-even
    • Margins
    • EBITDA
    • GAAP
    • IFRS
    • Asset valuation, and
    • Income recognition

Module Three: Application of Concepts

  • Changes in borrowing,
  • Cash flow and cash flow statements
  • Financial effects of marketing strategy
  • Pricing
  • Various profit margins and what they tell
        Note: The case study can be substituted for the financial statements of the client.
        The workshop is always tailored to address relevant issues such as:
  • The statement of changes in shareholders equity
  • Managements Discussion and Analysis document
  • Ratios, including Performance, Leverage, Liquidity and management measures

Who Should Attend

No academic or professional experience is required to participate in this course. Actually, the less you know, the better.

What People Are Saying

"I got to the same level of accounting proficiency in one day as I did after the accounting semester of my MBA. But this time, I really understand it."
Director, Team Leader, Pfizer, Inc.

"This course has now put me "in the know" of accounting and therefore heightens my value as a business professional."
Senior Consultant, HR, Freddie Mac

"I have been managing auditors for a Big 4 Accounting Firm and I was so impressed by the conceptual model that captures the full accounting picture - it is something that takes months on the job"
Manager, Big 4 Accounting Firm

"I learned more in 12 hours with this course than in a semester of accounting in college. I am no longer confused."
Assistant Director, Public Affairs, Accounting Oversight Board

"I was a little skeptical at first of how impactful this one day training could possibly be, but after sitting through the session and seeing the number of 'aha' moments that appeared on people's faces - I was truly amazed. The learning approach used by ACA ensured that each and every person increased their understanding of accounting in leaps and bounds. Many participants - both with no previous accounting experience as well as those who have studied it in the past - claimed it was the best training session they have ever attended!"
VP Learning & Development, New York based major investment bank

"I'm amazed at the workshop's ability to translate accounting into an easy to understand language that can be attributed to anyone, no matter their business experience or accounting knowledge. You should feel proud to represent such an innovative product"
Owner, Green Light Construction Management

"I must say again how extremely impressed and excited I am with the ACA program. My experience in adult training and instructional design often spoils my ability to get anything out of any training program. It is so seldom (if ever) I am able to attend a training program without picking it apart and coming away unimpressed. Yesterday I was continually wowed by the program's design and was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what came next. Bravo!"
Former Manager & Trainer, Maryland State Government

"I highly recommend this workshop to all. It innovatively demonstrates an understanding of the basic accounting principles, and enables participants to clearly compile and analyze financial statements. In the past you could only gain such insight through years of hands on training in the field. Kudos to ACA for their brilliant and effective teaching technique."
Former Manager & Trainer, Big 4 Accounting Firm

Who Should Attend

All people working with business and personal financial information; people who want to understand how accounting works or progress to advanced accounting studies; and people seeking to improve their general business acumen

Additional Information

Training Provider: Accounting Comes Alive

Course Topics: Accounting Training > Accounting Miscellaneous

Training Course Summary: By the end of the program, attendees will be accounting literate and will be positioned to rapidly apply the concepts to business issues and advanced financial analysis, and for powerful communication.

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