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Pump Repair and Maintenance On-Site Training

presented by TPC Trainco
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Establish PM for Your Pumps and Learn the Fundamentals of On Site Repair to Save Money

Workshop Description/Agenda

This pump repair and maintenance course was created to bring students up to speed in their knowledge of field pump repair, maintenance and servicing as quickly and efficiently as possible. It includes discussions on skills improvement and is specifically designed for field technicians who are responsible for repairing pumps and keeping them up and running. It provides a practical, real world education taught by instructors who have actually spent time in the field doing this type of work. Novice technicians receive a comprehensive education in troubleshooting, repair and maintenance best-practices, and experienced technicians use it for continuing education or to just refresh their minds and sharpen their skills. Students� specific needs and concerns are also addressed during the class so that they can go back to their workplace and immediately apply what they�ve learned.

After attending this pump maintenance course, students will know exactly what to do when a pump stops working and they�ll be able to fix problems they�ve never been able to fix before. Overall, this training program is designed to teach technicians how to bring pumps back to life when they fail, what they should learn from those failures, and then what to do to make sure they never happen again.

What You Will Learn

After completion of this course attendees will be able to present a training certificate indicating he or she has learned to:

  • Identify different types of pumps and their parts
  • Identify different pump drivers and their use
  • Assemble & disassemble an ANSI pump
  • Troubleshoot, install and lubricate bearings
  • Understand vibration measurements
  • Understand acoustical measurements
  • Repair a shaft & pump case
  • Understand shaft alignment techniques
  • Identify, inspect and repair V-belt drives
  • Troubleshoot wetted end pumps
  • Pack a shaft and a pump
  • Troubleshoot and install mechanical seals
  • Understand pump case repair methods
  • Develop a pump maintenance program

And to be 100% certain you get the training you need, students are encouraged to bring their own unique pump applications or case studies from their own facility for discussion during class.

Workshop Agenda

Pumps are the second most used piece of equipment in the world, so it�s a good idea to know what to do when they stop working, and what to do to keep them from failing again. This training program teaches students common-sense pump maintenance and repair techniques so they can keep their facilities and equipment up and running. Discussion topics include:

Centrifugal Pump Design

  • A Short History
  • Bernoulli�s Principle & the Venturi Effect
  • Centrifugal Pump Design

Pump Parts and Identification

  • Wetted End Parts
  • Dry End Part
  • Pump Tree
  • Drivers

Bearing Removal and Installation

  • Bearing Types & Life
  • Proper Installation of Pump Bearings
  • Press Fitting
  • Thermal Installation
  • Lubrication of Pump Bearings

Bearing Failure Analysis

  • Disassembling a Bearing for Inspection
  • Troubleshooting Bearing Failures

Simple Vibration Measurement

  • History of Vibration as a Condition Testing Tool
  • How to Read a Vibration Meter
  • Measurement of Vibration Velocity
  • Troubleshooting Using a Vibration Meter

Acoustical Measurement of Pump Bearing Condition

  • Creation of a Pothole Index
  • Spalling and How to Determine When It Occurs
  • Pump Bearings Condition Guide

Split Case Pump Rebuilding Techniques

Pump Foundations

  • Anchoring, Shimming & Grouting

Pump Shafting Inspection and Repair

  • Shaft Condition & Drawings
  • Stub Shaft Techniques
  • Bowed Shafts
  • Diameter Corrections

Pump Case Repair

  • Spray Metalizing
  • Epoxy Repair
  • MIG & TIG Repair

Suction and Discharge Ends Repair

  • Piping
  • End Suction Pump Rebuilding Techniques

Pump Coupling and Shaft Alignment

  • Soft Foot Inspection & Correction
  • Shaft Alignment Techniques
  • Taper Gauge and Caliper
  • Laser Alignment

V-Belt Drives for Pumps

  • Types of Belts
  • Sheave Groove Inspection
  • Belt Inspection
  • Force Deflection Method of Belt Tensioning

Dynamic Balancing

  • When is Balancing Required?
  • How Balancing is Done
  • Affects of Balancing on Bearing & Seal Life

Wetted End Pump Troubleshooting

  • Cavitation
  • Unbalance of Impellers
  • Volute Wear
  • Piping Strain
  • Air Entrainment
  • Seal Failure
  • Flange Leaks


  • Types of Shaft Packing
  • Tools for Repacking a Pump
  • How to Pack a Pump

Mechanical Seals

  • Types of Mechanical Seals
  • Seal Installation
  • Seal Troubleshooting

Bolted Sealing Values for Wet End Assembly

  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Torque Chart

Developing a PM Program for Pumps

  • Check Sheets
  • Pressure Testing
  • Dead Heading
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Flow Testing
  • Pump Purchases & Acceptance

Who Should Attend

Pump maintenance personnel

Additional Information

Training Provider: TPC Trainco

Course Topics: Industrial Training > Electrical

Training Course Summary: Establish PM for Your Pumps and Learn the Fundamentals of On Site Repair to Save Money

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