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Handling People with Tact and Diplomacy On-Site Training

presented by Alliance Training and Consulting, Inc.
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This course is designed to develop the skills to effectively communicate and respond in any situation

Workshop Description/Agenda

This course is designed to develop the skills to effectively communicate and respond in any situation.  Understanding how communication can affect how others perceive your work and your attitude will enhance your relationships with others.  Knowing how to choose the best words, emotional tone, and non-verbal communication will insure your message is delivered effectively.

Training Benefits
  • Acquire the necessary communication tools to handle the most sensitive situations
  • Disagree without being disagreeable
  • Improve active listening skills to avoid miscommunication
  • Resolve conflict in a way that will bring about a harmonious relationship
  • Understand the types of non-verbal communication you need to eliminate
  • Project self-confidence, even in an intimidating environment
  • Influence others to your way of thinking

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided

  • Know how professionals damage their reputations by not understanding “TACT”
  • Eliminate non-verbal communication that discourages others from expressing themselves
  • Develop techniques of how to offer constructive criticism without deflating the person’s morale
  • Learn how to handle tough questions and tough audiences
  • Understand how and when to use silence appropriately
  • Distinguish how and when to apologize so that you gain credibility and respect
  • Avoid letting personal perceptions destroy your communication ability
  • Reengineer your thought process so that others do not control you
  • Know how and when to ask questions that prevent miscommunication
  • Understand who your audience is so that you communicate effectively
  • Learn techniques to stop communication that is wasting your time, without coming across as not interested
  • Learn how to promote yourself without appearing to be bragging
  • Learn how to voice a complaint without appearing to be nagging

Who Should Attend

For career minded professionals who want to excel in the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to build a positive and influencing image

Additional Information

Training Provider: Alliance Training and Consulting, Inc.

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Interpersonal Skills

Training Course Summary: This course is designed to develop the skills to effectively communicate and respond in any situation

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