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Maintenance Welding On-Site Training

presented by TPC Trainco
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Fundamentals, Practical Applications & Best Practices

Workshop Description/Agenda

Purpose of Seminar:
This course is designed to answer these and other basic questions so that students can go back to their workplace and immediately improve the quality of their welds. That is the purpose of this course. At an American Trainco seminar, we provide real world training…. for real world needs, to help you in your job today!
Course Objectives:
  • What welding techniques to use for different applications
  • How to select between STICK, MIG, TIG and other welding processes
  • How to weld on the five primary metals
  • How to weld on alloys
  • Proper metal filler selection for all applications
  • The hazards associated with welding and how to prevent injury to self or others
  • What records to keep for maintaining efficiency & reducing costs
What you will learn:

  • Welding Techniques
  • Welding Processes
  • Metal & Filler Selection
  • Cutting Processes
  • New Fabrications
  • Troubleshooting Defects
  • Welding Repair
  • Personal Safety
  • Managing Costs
  • Record Keeping
  • …..and More

Who should take this course:
This course is designed for anyone who needs to understand welding practices and procedures. Attendees come from a wide variety of industries, skill-levels, company sizes, and backgrounds, so if you’re not sure you will fit in or benefit from the class, don’t worry – you will – as long as your job involves welding. But if you still have doubts, remember our no-risk registration and money-back guarantee.

People who will benefit from attending this seminar include:

  • All Welders
  • Maintenance & Repair Personnel
  • Multi-Craft Technicians
  • Fabricators
  • Maintenance Supervisors & Managers
  • Inspectors
  • Anyone whose job involves welding
What you will take home:
  • American Trainco Seminar Manual - detailing all presentation material covered n the class
  • Personalized Training Certificate with 1.4 American Trainco Continuing Education Units for attending this two-day seminar, approved by the Maintenance Training Association of the Americas
  • All the information you need from asking our instructors specific questions about your own equipment or facility
Course Outline / Agenda:

Techniques in Welding
-Butt Joint
-Lap Joint
-Complete joint penetration
-Partial joint penetration
-Welding position, flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead

Types of Welding Processes
-Other; Flux Cored (FCAW) and Oxyacetylene

How to Weld on Steel
-Steel and its alloys
-Selection of welding processes
-Best practices for welding on steel

How to weld on Aluminum alloys
-Selection of welding processes
-Filler metals for Aluminum alloys
-Best practices for welding on Aluminum alloys

How to Weld on Stainless Steel
-Types of Stainless steel
-Filler metal selection for stainless steel
-Best practices for welding on Stainless Steel

How to Weld Repair Cast Iron
-Problems in Welding Cast Iron
-Filler metal Selection
-Best Practices for Welding Cast Iron

Welding and Brazing on Copper and Copper Alloys
-Welding and Brazing on Cast and Wrought Products
-Filler metal selection
-Best practices for welding on copper and alloys

Review of Cutting Processes for Maintenance Welding
-Plasma machines

Welding Safety
-Heat Protection
-Electrical Shock
-Radiation Protection
-Hearing Protection
-Smoke and Fume Protection

Welding Costs and Records
-Use of Welding Codes
-Personnel Certification
-Written Welding Procedures
-Welding costs direct and hidden
About our Instructors:

"Real World Training...for Real World Needs" is not just our slogan, but also our mission statement. At American Trainco, we approach our students as if they were our own employees. We instruct them and guide them in practical knowledge that allows them to immediately go back to their workplace and apply what they have learned. Our instructors are seasoned veterans with years of real world experience, and the students who attend our seminars often get more from a single week of training than an entire year of reading textbooks or watching videos. How do we know? They tell us.

Anyone can teach theory, but there simply is no substitute for experience. What sets American Trainco apart is our ability to communicate that experience into the brains of our students. As one attendee told us at the end of his two-day training course, "I think I can go back to work now and teach the veterans a thing or two."

Mission Accomplished.

All American Trainco instructors are required to have a formal education and real world work experience. They need to be leaders in their field. We don't hire field people without teaching experience, and we don't hire teachers without field experience. They must have both. And since attendees critique the instructor at the end of each class, a positive and enjoyable learning experience is virtually guaranteed.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to understand welding practices and procedures

Additional Information

Training Provider: TPC Trainco

Course Topics: Industrial Training > Welding

Training Course Summary: Fundamentals, Practical Applications & Best Practices

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