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Internet Media Planning and Buying Seminar - 2 modules each a half-day On-Site Training

presented by Paragon Media Inc
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These seminars will cover the basics as well as recent developments in online advertising.

Workshop Description/Agenda

This program for advertisers, media sales reps, ad agencies and media agencies covers the basics as well as recent developments in online advertising. Participants will leave the session with a thorough understanding of the different options available to them as well as the process for planning and placing an online buy.

You may choose to sign up for either or both of the following:

  • Module #5 Internet Media Planning & Buying 101 Day 3, 9AM - 12:30PM
  • Module #6 Internet Media Planning & Buying 201 Day 3, 1:30 - 5PM
Module #5 - Internet Media Planning & Buying 101
The morning session provides the foundation for developing well thought out marketing solutions and will cover:

Online Terms & Concepts
Basic terms, concepts and formulas are covered, including impressions, page views, unique visitors, click-through rates, frequency capping, view-throughs, visits, run-of-network, run-of-site, reach, frequency and composition. Attendees learn the relative importance of these concepts, their relationship to each other as well as how they are used in evaluating online media opportunities.

Online Media Profiles - Part 1
An overview of the Internet’s growth as an advertising medium is covered, including why this medium has grown faster than any other. Profiled are the various types of ad units and unit sizes. Examined will be the various marketing solutions such as search, email, affiliates/lead gen/co-reg, social networks and viral marketing.
Module #6 - Internet Media Planning & Buying 201
This afternoon session will draw upon the many principles that have been introduced in the morning session and will cover:
Online Media Profiles - Part 2
This follow up to the morning session will cover microsites, mobile, blogs, podcasts, RSS, virtual worlds, games and widgets.
Online Plan Development
Participants learn how an advertiser translates their marketing needs into online media solutions. Covered are the various ways of targeting as well as the metrics that should be used as the measure of success for branding versus performance objectives. Attendees learn how marketing and media goals are developed, how to evaluate online media options against those goals as well as common mistakes to avoid. Participants are given examples of successful multi-element campaigns designed to deliver effective marketing solutions.
Online Buying
Once the online strategy is set, the buy needs to be executed. We examine the various pricing models used to buy online: CPM versus cost-per-click and cost-per-action. Participants learn how ads are served, what to expect from a third party ad server, how to optimize a campaign as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various types of providers. The course identifies the research available and how to use data to support recommendations. Finally, participants learn about what to include in a request for proposal (RFP) as well as an insertion order.


2010 Rates
1st Attendee $2,495 $2,145 $1,845 $1,470 $1,095 $620
2nd Attendee $2,295 $1,945 $1,645 $1,370 $1,045 $595
3rd Attendee $2,245 $1,895 $1,595 $1,320 $995 $570
4th Attendee $2,195 $1,845 $1,545 $1,270 $945 $545
5th Attendee $2,145 $1,795 $1,495 $1,220 $895 $520
6th Attendee $2,095 $1,745 $1,445 $1,170 $845 $495
7th Attendee $2,045 $1,695 $1,395 $1,120 $795 $470
9th Attendee $2,045 $1,695 $1,395 $1,120 $795 $470
***10-Ticket Flexible Package
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$16,360 $13,760 $11,560 $9,460 $7,010 $4,085

***SPECIAL 10-TICKET FLEXIBLE PACKAGE: If you purchase a package of 10 tickets, 10 members of your company would be entitled to the following:

Who Should Attend

Advertisers, media sales reps, ad agencies and media agencies

Additional Information

Training Provider: Paragon Media Inc

Course Topics: Marketing Training > Media Buying

Training Course Summary: These seminars will cover the basics as well as recent developments in online advertising.

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